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Non-Google Play Purchase Won't Work


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Hi. I'm new to this forum. I just added this post to an old thread, but in case no one's still looking at that one, I'll start a new one and add it here, too. This is all so frustrating. Thanks for any help/support/commiseration.




I can't get Poweramp to work on my LG Optimus F6 phone. I downloaded the trial version directly from their website (Poweramp-2.0.9-build-559-uni). After the trial period expired, I used the "Buy Directly" option from their website to purchase the unblocking license. Got my verifications from both Poweramp and Payproglobal. No matter what I try, I get the message that no such email account is registered to the device.


I've been going back and forth for two days with Poweramp support. Mostly, their responses seem canned. If I ask a question, it's never specifically answered. Anyway, yesterday they suggested changing my email account. So, I changed it to a Yahoo account and sent them the information. They responded by confirming the change on their end. Still doesn't work. Since yesterday morning, when I emailed that the latest attempt didn't help, they've stopped communicating!


I can't imagine there's anything I'm doing wrong. Both email accounts, including the new one, are registered as EMAIL accounts on my phone. I even tested to be sure I can receive emails to both on my phone. I've entered and reentered the email address and Order ID# at least 10 times. There are no typos. It simply will not work.


At this point, if I do not hear back from them and if they can't offer some workable solution, I will stop payment with my credit card company. After all, I've done everything they claim you have to do on their website and in email responses. If the product really doesn't work with non-Google Play purchases, or if there are serious glitches, they should be up front about it and not accept your money. I don't think I have any options left. But I'll wait till tomorrow to be sure they've really just stopped emailing me back before cancelling the payment.


Probably a silly question, but does anyone have any other suggestions or comments?


Thank you.

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there are literally hundreds of account types for Android, including various emails (like exchange, hotmail, etc., almost each service has one). We don't support those. We support the account types indicated on purchase page: http://powerampapp.com/buy-poweramp/


IMPORTANT: Poweramp license is per Google Account or Email Account. Poweramp Full Version can be used on device with either Google Account, Email Account (Google Pop3/IMAP), or Yahoo Account registered on it.


email-acct.png google-acct.png


Another possible issue is that there is a difference between "proper" account registered and how you're trying to enter it (some.account@gmail.com vs someaccount@gmail.com, abc@googlemail.com vs abc@gmail.com, Some@gmail.com vs some@gmail.com).


For more details on web-site purchase supported accounts and activations, please check here: http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323889-restore-purchase-from-website-build-550



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Thanks, but unfortunately for me, your answer is pretty much the same as I got from the Poweramp emails that were sent before they simply cut me off and stopped communicating (after only two days).


It seems I can say till I'm blue in the face that I'm using a yahoo email account that was approved by Poweramp, that I know I'm entering its name correctly (no typos), that it's properly registered to my phone as an email (not Yahoo) account, that I have the appropriate Android version necessary, etc., etc., etc.


Unfortunately, all I've ever gotten back are pastes of and links to Poweramp FAQ pages that I'd already read and tried before contacting Poweramp directly. They've never responded with any information specifically written for me, but only with rehashes of the already available and purely general information. It's as if you're communicating with a robot, not a person. Clearly there's no solution here and no real attempt on their part at finding one.


I'm purchasing Neutron Music Player. It not only works as advertised, it has noticeably better sound quality than Poweramp, albeit with a less user-friendly interface.

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Finally, someone emailed me an answer yesterday, someone who finally really read what my issue was, explaining that I must download the Yahoo Mail App and install that on my phone. Yahoo account, Yahoo email, none of that had helped. As soon as I downloaded and installed the app, Poweramp worked. Who knew? Why don't they put that information on their web page under the section for non-Google purchases? They could have saved me days of frustrating back and forth emails that got me nowhere. The regular support personnel are useless. It wasn't until I got Payproglobal involved, which got a "real person" at Poweramp involved, that they were finally willing to write an email response based on my question, instead of just regurgitating the same pre-written general responses and links to more useless pages.


Bottom line: Poweramp now works on my phone and I'll be keeping it in addition to the other music player. 

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