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Hi, I'm a big fan of powerful and have been using it for some time, but there are a couple of things that could be added to make the experience more enthralling.

For starters if I want to copy a selection of songs from one Playlist to another I have to add the songs manually one by one, there is no option to select multiple songs and add them to the Playlist together.

Now coming down to the main issue.

The top rated and the recently added tabs, I think there can be a couple of additions to both where we can be more specific in our choices.

First the top rated, what is the point of giving songs 5 different classifications if they are going to end up in the same Playlist. I believe there should be an option for which Playlist we want to play. For example if someone just wants to play the songs in the 5 star category, they should be able to do that.

Similarly the recently added tab. There is no parameter to to decide how recently is recently, it shows all the songs in backward order from when they were added, I believe we should be able to make a temp Playlist with the specified time period... I mostly listen to all my songs in the shuffle mode, so it becomes very difficult to create a new Playlist everytime I add a bunch of new songs.

But hey great work so far... :-)


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