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Repeat next and stop playing at end of album


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Can someone clarify the next >> and next item >>| functionality to me, as I think I am being dense!!


I think it is as follows:

- The >>| jumps to the next album (which I never use).

- The >> jumps to the next album, artist or song depending (i think) on whether I selected albums or artists previously once the current song, artist or album has finished?




If that is right then is the following possible?


I would like to use >> to cycle through to the next song but stay within the album selected and not jump to the next album etc, (I have also disabled the vertical scrolling as i kept accidently jumping albums).


The only way I can see of making this stay within the album selected is to turn on repeat album, however that means the album continuously plays.


Is there a way to make the album stop after playing once but allow the >> to skip back to the first track of the album if jumping through the tracks?


Also can I turn off the teh >>| markers as I keep tapping that instead of the >> and jumping albums.

Thank you for your time!!

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>> jumps to the next track in the current playback list (for example the next track within an album if that's the mode you're using) while >>| goes on to the first track of the next album. >> does not wrap back to track one at the end of the List (album) unless you have Repeat List enabled.

You can't remove the forward/back List (album) buttons other than by choosing a skin which looks like that.


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