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Newly discovered "nuisance" with car stereo bluetooth...


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Hopefully I'm not the first to have this problem. Recently I noticed when my phone pairs with my car stereo, instead of using Poweramp, it's using some other player and playing a completely different track than what's playing in PA. I have to pause it from the lock screen, then unlock my phone and launch PA before it will resume playing what was queued in PA. I realize this is not an issue with PA. If I could remove all other music players, I would as I prefer PA to any and all. If anyone has suggestions, I'm listening. Thanks a bunch! ~Tiff


This is a similar but better description to the problem I was having. I'm adding for search engine purposes. Hopefully, this will help others having the issue.


When the droid is connected using the headphone jack it works perfect. When the droid is connected using bluetooth, autoplay finds a random mp3 on your card and starts playing it automatically using the default music player. Even if it is not open.

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Thanks for the tip. I ended up finding another user having the same issue with a different player. He resolved with the following:

  1. Go to the play store and uninstall all updates to Google Play Music
  2. Go to Settings-->Apps
  3. Scroll right to the "All" category.
  4. Select "Google Play Music"
  5. Select "Disable"

I haven't tested it yet since I'm at work, but I suspect this will resolve. I'll respond again later and let the forum know.



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Ugh, that didn't work. I have no idea where this is coming from. It always plays the same song/folder, so tonight I deleted that entire artist/folder. This is starting to get annoying lol. We'll see...



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  1. Go into Settings-->Apps-->All
  2. For every installed music player (including Poweramp) 
  3. Force Stop
  4. Clear data
  5. Clear cache
  6. Clear defaults
  7. Next, use whatever app allows you to browse the file/folder structure. Files/Astro/Etc and select a music file.
  8. You should be prompted with the "Open with" and "Always/Just once" dialogue
  9. Select Poweramp and "Always"

This has worked for me. I'm pretty confident it's fixed. I've paired the device several times over to test and so far, it always plays using PA. Before, it would present the issue at least 50% of the time. Hope this helps anyone else suffering from this annoyance! haha 


Cheers ~Tiff

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