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After update all song volumes very low.

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2.0.9-build-558-play Full Version

Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T

Android 4.4.2


After my last update any song I play is at a much lower volume whether connected to Bluetooth or not.  any other music player such as Xbox Music, the stock Samsung player etc still has full volume capabilities.  Is there a settign that was changed in the update as I would hate to have to ditch Poweramp as my main audio player.

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If you go into the 'settings' (bottom right hand corner on player screen - where the volume dial is) is the 'volume' set to max? I find when I kill all processes or update things then this gets reset from what i did have it to (usually max!!) to something with a lower volume.



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This fixes it for me, I'm reporting this bug in a separate post, but thought it might help you for now:


I noticed the volume level was really low when I hooked up my S3 to speakers using the headphone jack, what I found is:


Go to settings


Advanced Tweaks

Check or Uncheck Direct Volume Control

Re-check Direct Volume Control


Even if this is already checked, try unchecking it and then re-checking it.  This usually works for me. 



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