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Some songs in file based playlists not correctly imported

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I reported this defect via the bug tracking page mentioned in the first topic in this Bugs forum. I thought I'd also post it here in case anyone else is running into problems where songs are missing from playlists.
File based playlists are not correctly imported if file path contains accented characters. The playlist is partially imported, minus the tracks with the characters. The tracks show up in other areas, such as the Songs list, and play without issue.
2 specific examples:
The Tool album Ænima name starts with an A-E ligature. None of the songs on that album appear in the Poweramp playlist.
A Perfect Circle has a song entitled Breña and the lowercase n has a tilde accent. This song does not make it to the playlist.
I used the 920 Text Editor to view the .m3u file in question and the characters are properly displayed. I used a file browser to look that the file paths and that information is displayed correctly as well.
This defect breaks my custom playlists that my syncing software uses to move files on/off my device and to also create "Radio Station" playlists. I never get to hear the songs because they don't make it into the playlists and I'm not warned about it.


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If these are plain M3U playlists, try using the extender ".M3U8" instead (which supports Unicode/UTF-8 extended character sets).

From the Wiki at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U:

If an m3u file is edited with a text editor, it must be saved in the Windows-1252 format. "m3u" files properly use the Latin-1 character set. The Unicode version of "m3u" is "m3u8", which uses UTF-8 Unicode characters.


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