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At first, sorry for my bad english. :D

I have a problem with the unlocker. I bought the full version of the app, installed the unlocker, and it worked.

But the app want to check this in about every third day. And it's unsuccessful because I don't allow the background internet using for Google Play Appstore (it generates a huge data, and I have only 1 GB per month). So, than the player stops the music, I can't use it, and i have to allow the background data using for Google Play, and than Poweramp checks that I bought the full version. Why do I have to do this in about every third day? Why isn't enough to check it the first time and confirm that it's the full version? Is there any solution for my problem?


Thank you,


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Once initially done, as long as you don't install new ROMs, reinstall the app, or otherwise reset the system, it should not need to re-check the licence. It should only need to check once, within 24-48 hours of first install.

However you are by no means the first person to report that it wants to check the licence too often, please could you log the issue in detail as a bug via the Get Support option in the app please Poweramp Settings > "Get Support" > MenuButton > "Contact Us".


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