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Ronald Harvey

Recently added playlist no longer working reliably

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Now, only a few "new" files are listed in the Recently Added; it includes files that are not touched or modified - and strangely, in my case, it starts listing "new" files (that are not really new) with artists starting with "B" only. Very strange. If you use an Android file viewer e.g. ES File Explorer, it lists the latest files/folders added in the correct order.


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I have the same problem. Any response from them? Should I make a new post? I filled out a bug report. This is a complete deal killer for me as its how I usually use the program. Here's my description

I use the recently added playlist and it has always worked perfectly. And worked perfectly. Now when I add downloaded tracks they aren't ordered correctly in the he recently added playlist. The folders are still added in the settings where the new music is located. I didn't change any settings or rescan the folders or change folder names. I also use player pro as a backup and it still tracks the recently added files perfectly. Thus the problem must be with Poweramp. The problem is not that the reverse setting is clicked.

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