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Want Last.fm ratings sync and ratings-based playlist?


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it's now possible, check my small app here in a few hours -



App description from Google Play:

This small app has 2 purposes:
1) Keep your Poweramp ratings synched with Last.fm (you need a Last.fm account for that) in 2 ways:
- Manual. Used mostly for first time sync
- Real-time. The rating is sent to Last.fm as you rate your tracks in Poweramp, no special actions required (submittion is done right after switching to next track). In case you don't have internet connection, everything is put in local cache and submitted later.

What's the purpose? You can restore your ratings when you lose your Poweramp data (or when you accidentally delete your Last.fm account [sick%])
How this works? Pretty simple: 5 stars ratings are mapped to Last.fm loved tracks, everything else is saved using personal tags (you'll notice them appearing in your Last.fm page)
IMPORTANT!! If you have a possibility to back up your Poweramp data (your phone is rooted) please do it in case you plan to use manual sync as it overwrites your ratings.

2) Generate playlists based upon your ratings. Right now it is fixed to:
- 5 stars playlist
- 4-5 stars playlist
- 3-5 stars playlist
- 3 stars playlist
- 2 stars playlist
- 1 stars playlist
This list can be changed upon request, I've put that piece of functionality as Poweramp currently lacks that very important feature.
The playlists are generated in my app folder (for compatibility sack against KitKat SD restrictions), so please include it in your Poweramp folders and make a rescan.
It is hard-coded to /storage/emulated/0/Android/com.desperex.mc, provide me with you specific path in case of any troubles.

In case of any requests don't hesitate to contact me via plastileen@gmail.com

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