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queue loses scroll position with shuffle turned on

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I'm very happy with Poweramp but I would like to see one glitch fixed.   I tend to play my music files by genre and all is well when I queue up two or three different genres at the same time and turn ON the shuffle feature.  The problem comes when I go outside of the queue to play a song and when Poweramp returns to the queue it has lost it's position and replays already played files.  With the shuffle turned OFF, I CAN step outside of the queue to play a file and it will remember it's scroll position but then I would have to listen to a couple hundred Country genres files before it gets to my Easy Listening genre files.  I would like to request a feature that would provide a way to shuffle the files in the queue before I start playing them.  This way, shuffle could remain OFF and I could still step out of the queue and play a file and the queue would remember it's scroll position.  The J. Rivers media player on my laptop uses this method.



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