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Enqueue/play albums in order

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I've noticed when I click and hold on an artist/folder with multiple albums/subfolders, the tracks are placed in the list based purely on track #. So all the ones are together, then all the twos, etc.

The only way to enqueue an artist so that the albums play back to back in the proper track order seems to be enqueueing one album at a time, which can be tedious for an artist with lots of albums.

I know its easy to swipe up or down to jump from album list to another, but it would be cool to just play an artist and have all the tracks in order.

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I FORCE the albums to list for an artist in the order I want them played. For example, for Dire Straits the albums are in folders titled:

Dire 1 - Dire Straits

Dire 2 - Brothers In Arms

Dire 3 - On Every Street

Then set PA to advance to the next list. Presto, they play in chronological order. This has the BIG advantage of displaying all the albums for an artist in order too.

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