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Shuffle, but keep some tracks together


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Never seen a player that could do this, but with classical music in particular the tracks are often divided at places you wouldn't really want to start playing randomly. I'd love to be able to select a group of tracks in an album and say "keep these together in this order", then if I'm playing randomly shuffled songs and it picks one of the tracks in a "keep together" group, then it will play all those tracks together in the proper order before going off to randomly play something else at the end of those tracks.

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Thanks for the request.

Not sure about song selection for such grouping, but I think the shuffle by album/artist/playlist/etc with keeping the songs order will be added as additional shuffle mode to PowerAMP.

In this mode, the albums/artists/playlists/folders/etc. will be shuffled, but the songs in them will be played in order.

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This is exactly the feature I came on here to request! I want to be able to play folders in random order, but every song in a folder should be played in the original sequence. I like to listen to entire, randomly selected, albums at once.

I don't see this in the list of features in progress though... any eta for it?

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More shuffle options are planned for Poweramp v2.0. Specifically, "shuffle album/artist/folder etc, but not shuffle songs in it" mode is planned.


Thats very good news, but i just wanted to confirm a particular use case:

My music collection is divided into genres:


rock & pop are two genres.

Inside rock there is an album a, album b, album c

Inside pop there is album d, album e, album f

Each album has 3 songs

Inside the Library:

If i select "genres" from the library, and select "rock" i will see 3 albums a,b and c. Now, if i select "all genre songs" and play them, will i be able to shuffle by album?

Which means, the play order should be:

rock - album a - track 1

rock - album a - track 2

rock - album a - track 3

rock - album c - track 1

rock - album c - track 2

rock - album c - track 3

rock - album b - track 1

rock - album b - track 2

rock - album b - track 3

Can i do this in version 2?

Second question:

Can i shuffle by artist instead of album, inside of the "rock" genre? Which means it plays all the albums of a particular artist before it randomly choses another artist and plays all his/her albums. Will version 2 enable this also?



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