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Play an album track by track


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I've paid for this app but I can't see how to simply play an album in the order that the tracks appear. It is playing some sort of list that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change! As someone who listen to a lot of classical music I don't want to listen to one track on one album then something entirely different on another album on an arbitrary list that I didn't create and can't seem to change. I have the app on a Samsung galaxy s3. I know there are other forum topics which cover an issue similar to mine but the offered solutions either don't make sense to me or don't seem to work for me. This shouldn't be rocket science!

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There are a number of factors which influence the order tracks get played:

The overall playback Mode (e.g. Folders, Library-Album, Library-Artist, Library-Genre, etc).

The Sort Order which you have applied to the above mode. You can set a top-level sort order for the overall lists (what order to sort the Folders, Albums, Artists, etc) and then a different sort order for all the tracks within each list (e.g. alphabetically, by track number, etc). These controls are available in the List Options menu when you are looking at that particular level in the Folders/Library screen.

Shuffle mode (on the Player screen, press the icon in the lower-right corner of the cover art). This allows you play in strict order (Shuffle Off), or randomise the tracks within each album (Songs; in your case, you do NOT want this one), randomise the albums/etc but keep the individual tracks in order (Lists), or just pick tracks totally at random (All).

Give these a try and see if that helps.

Personally, I prefer Folder mode (where all of my songs are stored neatly in a folder/sub-folder structure for each artist / album). I have a lot of esoteric stuff which doesn't always lends itself to being neatly MP3 tagged, and using folder names allows me complete control over how tracks are played (I can even force my own orders, by using numeric digits at the start of the folder or file names). But then I'm a control freak. :)


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I use the folder, sub folder structure to organise the tracks into albums.

Every album is a folder containing all the pertaining tracks and multiple albums are grouped into a larger folder that specifies the genre.

The album art, chosen and downloaded from the net, is inserted into each album folder. I Prefer to keep the Library in the folder mode and listen to all the tracks from one album.

If you follow this pattern there should be no hitch unless you have activated the Shuffle as pointed by Andre in the previous post.

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