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HTC One M8 SD Card Error While Searching


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Poweramp (paid version)


Hardware Model
HTC Sense 6.0

Software #


Hello everyone. I have a 128GB Class 10 Sandisk Ultra Micro SD card. I have about 65 GB of music on my card right now. When I ask Poweramp to preform a full scan it finishes to about 3/4 of the way and then at the same spot every time it gives me an error saying my SD card was unexpectedly removed. Then my phone says Preparing SD card. About 300 songs are not showing up because it never gets to complete the scan. Does anyone know anything i can try? Thanks in advance. 

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You have bad block on that sd card - when such block is accessed - android remounts storage automatically. Please check that sd card for errors on computer (or better backup/format/restore).

This is not Poweramp bug and this issue is not related to Poweramp, this is how Android is designed.


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