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Automatic library rescan at intervals

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I use Poweramp on my phone and the Auto-scan option works nicely -- I can download music from my FTP to my internal storage and it appears in Poweramp immediately without me having to do anything.


I also use it on my Android TV box (Tronsmart Vega S89). The source of my music library on this is a CIFS share on my NAS, mounted to /sdcard/cifs with the CIFS Manager app. I then manually specify this as my library location. This works nicely except Poweramp doesn't automatically detect new files or changes to the folder structure. I need to do a manual rescan for it to update my library.


I would like to request an option to automatically run a scan at a defined interval, equivalent to kicking off a scan manually. I realise that mine is an probably edge usage case, but I would think it would be trivial to implement.


Many thanks for considering.

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