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Large album art support

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Hello everyone,


it seems like Poweramp can't handle too large album art (something between 5 and 20MB). When using the Artist/Album view, the albums concerned don't have any thumbnail. I can't tag the album's file with the album art file: I can choose the file within the file dialog, but it ends up being ignored. Not a big deal, I can (painfully) resize every too large file, but I think it's good to know.


Samsung i9305, OmniROM, using an external micro SD.

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Depending on Album Art download settings (including Prefer Downloaded Art), for main UI/widgets/lock screen one of the following images will be selected:
- user selected album art (if exists)
- embed album art (bigger than 100x100, but less than 8mb for mid/high-end phones, and 2.5 mb for low-end phones)
- cached downloaded art (if exists)
- folders mode: [album name].jpg ([album name] replaced with the actual album name) (less than 1.5mb)
- folders mode: folder.jpg/cover.jpg/AlbumArt...Large.jpg (less than 1.5mb)
- folders mode: any standalone jpg (bigger than 4kb, less than 1.5mb)
- search & download initiated for image.



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