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Poweramp on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 doesn't bring all files

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Hi people, I've been having an issue on my SGN 3. As it says on the title, Poweramp doesn't bring all files, when last week they worked fine.


Furthermore, everytime I run a rescan the files appear but under Unknown Artist and they dissappear as soon as the scan finishes.


I tried re-downloading Poweramp, deleting al albumart.pamp files, changing my music from the SD card to the internal memory and viceversa, but still, the same files aren't shown on my songs library.


However, if I go into the file explorer and manually pick a song, it'll play without trouble.


Do you know what might be the issue to this?


I bought the premium Poweramp and I have around 28gb of music between the SD card and the internal memory, but I don't think that's an issue because I had around 31 gb a couple of months back and all files appeared perfectly.


Thanks for the help guys!!!

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I'm having the same issue on my Samsung S3 mini. I've got files which have been scanned previously by Poweramp no longer being found. And a full rescan doesn't find it.

I also own the full version and hold approx 20gb+ of music on my sd card.

Build is 2.0.9-build-556-play

Files are normal song files ( so not small ones ). More interestingly the scan is finding some tracks in a folder but not the rest. These are all files that have scanned previously OK.

I'll send in a file to the address above.

Many thanks


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Not only do I have an issue with files not appearing in Poweramp, while they are on the external SD card, it appears that Poweramp is deleting files. I have 232 folders containing 1,003 flac files. All of this is approximately 28GB is size. When I load the SD card, the file browser sees all of the files and their directories. After rebooting the the phone, the files still remain so that would tell me that the file system is not deleting them.


I then ask Poweramp to scan the folder -- and only that folder. The GUI states that it is scanning the directories and then appears to "hang". Poweramp appears to runs for at least the display timeout and then Poweramp seems to finish. When I look at the SD card, around  900 of the 1003 files are gone -- just plain gone. The space occupied by the files is freed and available for the SD card to fill. 


I have purchased the product and download the latest version on the Android app site. I have de-installed, re-installed, rebooted, reloaded the SD with all of the flac files, and the result is basically the same. It is not always 900 files, sometimes there are more missing, and other times there are more. However the end result is the same -- Poweramp appears to delete the files.

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I had something similar happen, I synced an album to the phone from my PC and somehow about 20 albums were deleted. Odd thing was the SD card did NOT revert back to having more storage after the files disappeared. I transferred them back from my PC, but it was an odd event. 

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