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Shuffle / Repeat icons on widget and in main app


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I got two things I want to achieve:


1) I want to have icons shuffle/repeat to be either completely gone, or non clickable at all. Right now I can make them "hidden" through the settings, but they reappear if I tap on the artwork. I almost never use those settings, but I find myself mistakenly tapping either of those from time to time


2) I want to have those icons gone on the biggest widget


Is there any setting currently to achieve the above?

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...I want to have those icons gone...


Me too. Those are things I would think most users want to "set and forget" about.  Thanks for at least making them disappear sometimes. And thanks for the muchly appreciated skinning forum area. One day soon I hope to begin developing my own Poweramp skin similar to the 'List & Art' skin I developed half a decade ago for Pocket Player on WinMo:


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I wish I understood skinning better to be honest.

I (foolishly!) assumed there would be some sort of nice WYSIWYG graphic interface where you just drag stuff around the screen and make it bigger or smaller, and maybe long-press to change properties... A bit like editing a Powerpoint presentation slide.

However when I looked into it (I just wanted to make the playback progress bar rather taller and thus easier to manipulate, at the expense of reducing the album art area) I found there's a lot more to it than that.


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