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Multi-select for playlist generation

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I've been using the app for years and love it, but the most frustrating aspect is playlist generation.  If I have even a couple hundred songs, making a playlist is infuriatingly slow. I only want a couple songs by each artist in the playlist (such as a 'work safe' playlist -- some Smile Empty Soul songs are safe, some aren't.)


I have to either add entire albums and remove the songs I don't want, or add each song individually, which is incredibly time consuming.  Just the ability to tap each song I want to add and hit one main "add to playlist" would be awesome.  The way I'm picturing it is, you select a playlist. At the top of the playlist is 'Edit Playlist'.


Tap it, you get a song browser.  It could be the existing Artist > Album > Song view, or 'all songs in one long list'.  On the right edge of each song is a [+] or [-].  Tap it to add or remove the song from the playlist you're currently editing.


That and PLEASE have the context menus stay in order! If I select an album, 'Add to Playlist' is Row 2, column 1. If I select a song, R2C1 is now "Delete". Muscle memory can be a bitch.

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