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Customization of the Lockscreen/Notification Bar

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Hi @ all,


would it be possible to include an option to further customize the lockscreen and notification (like the widget menu)? I checked the search function, didn't get any hits.


Since I've begun to rate my music via Poweramp (and porting it into the files when home) while commuting, I would really appreciate to modify the lockscreen and/or notification screen. Especially the lockscreen would be awesome.


Some ideas:


- hide randomize/loop buttons (I totally don't need these and often press them accidentally)

- hide player buttons (gestures work really well, would just need a tap for play/pause)

- small clock/battery indicator in upper corners


Since the newer OS versions support lockscreen widgets, this request is maybe obsolete. Just an idea ;).


Thank you for the great app and continuous support.



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Hello Andre,


thank you for your answer. I've tried these options already, but they don't allow the scenario which I would prefer.


The problem that I have with the repeat/rating/shuffle option, is that it either shows everything or nothing. Since I'm rating my music, I would really like to only display the rating stars. The repeat/shuffle buttons are not used by me and just serve for accidentally hits. It would be really great to be able to select which buttons are displayed or not.


I agree with you on the battery/clock request :) . I will just display the status bar instead. It would have been the icing on the cake  :D .


Any thoughts on the pure tap interface?





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