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App Constantly Freezes when Searching

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So you do have hundreds of folders selected, as we assumed. Being pedantic or sarcastic about whether they are folders or subfolders won't help anyone to solve your problem. The Music Folders list is a folder tree, you can expand it and select or deselect any level of folders and subfolders that you want.

The probably large quantity of folders is why both Max and I suggested enabling them in batches until you find out which folder or folders contains any problem content. Unless it's something specific to the file system of your phone of course, but as I too am using a Note 3 with KitKat and a 64GB external card (with a similar quantity of music and folders) I rather doubt that. My Note 3 is rooted, but still on stock rom/kernel.



Well, I finally solved my problem! After 8 months kindly resenting the folder list of Poweramp, a bright idea finally popped into my head.

A music player which I tried earlier, downloaded album art in the respective music album folders. Nothing special; just some .jpg's. But Poweramp apparently could not deal with that, so it decided to stutter and freeze while scrolling through the album list in 'grid view'. So, when I deleted all of the album art in my music folder, *poof*: gone my problem it was. No more stutter, no more dark coloured folder icons!


So as I sit here - actively suppressing my itty witty sarcastic pedanticness, I do would like to state my love for your fine little app. Much of it! (And thanks for the help of course.)

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Figured I'd chime in: I have 20,047 music files residing on a 250GB External NTFS formatted hard drive, the only time I encounter stuttering is when alphabet-browsing through "All Songs" within the library. And by stuttering, I'm talking like an 8-second lockup. Other methods work fine, folder view, artist, album, etc.


It's probably just related to the delay of a mechanical hard drive. I do have a lot of images, though. I think eventually I will use my MusicBee player on my PC to transfer my entire library by embedding album art in the MP3's. (Instead of just manually transferring my music collection via explorer)

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