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Making a playlist?


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You can, but don't forget that playlist files usually contain full directory path information to identify the music files, which will not be the same on your PC as they are your phone, so you might need to edit the playlist file in a basic text editor to make it work on your phone (although Poweramp does try to work out the correct path for you).

For example, on my PC a given file may be in the location:

M:\TV, Films & Shows\Doctor Who\Doctor Who - Series 1+2\01-14 Rose's Theme.mp3

Whereas on my phone it is located in:

/mnt/extSdCard/Music Folders/TV/Doctor Who/01-14 Rose's Theme.mp3

A bit of global Search & Replace might quickly fix that though.


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Not sure if it's the same on WMP but I created a Playlist on iTunes then I simply right click on the playlist, select export, choose M3U as the file format and save it in my phones music directory

Power amp automatically found the playlist and it is working fine

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