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is there a way to play music from folders stored on a pen-drive?

Ron Wolpa

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I´ve turned Poweramp upside down and haven´t found a way to find folders and read files from external source like pen-drive or a computer.
It looks like external devices are not scanned to find folders with files  when usb storage is on.







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 I am new to this forum although its  been a month since I started using power amp  to access and play music from a  pen drive connected through the simple USB OTG connector. I have loaded my entire music library on the pen drive and it works flawlessly.


 Happy that this app can play  AIFF and wave files, although most of my tracks are in the lossy codecs like  aac, mp3, wma. The default music player that comes with Android cannot play any of the uncompressed formats like Wave or AIFF. 


I am yet to see the limitations of Power amp  in terms of handling large file sizes or accessing multiple folders! 


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Hello I have a 1TB hard drive hooked up to my andriod tablet and I play everything off of the hard drive easily.  You just have to change the search path for your selection to chose the folders on your pen drive.



thanks for answering my post.

In order to connect android via usb on my motorola xt 389    I have to turn on USB storage mode and when it is on , I do not have access to modify paths at 

Poweramp settings > folders and library > music folders.

As I click music folders menu , a message comes up :  "can´t find any available storages.  Please make sure you have your sd card mounted and usb storage is turned off".

Please tell me exactly what you do  ?

ps  you do it on a tablet , I am trying to this on a smart phone , there may be some difference ?


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