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Display problems with white status/notification bar

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Hi guys,


I am a big fan of Poweramp. It was the first app I bought (I think, I was one of the first buyer) and the best since I am using Android phones. But for now I am a little bit unhappy with it. The reason:

I bought my new "china phone" (iNew i6000+) one week ago. It is a very nice phone and come with Android 4.2.2. After testing few days all function seems to be work, but the reason why I am so unhappy is the view of the notification style. Because the system is using a white background for menus/bars the Poweramp notification is unreadable.

So my question: How can I fix this or can you help me? (Inverse Notification Colors didn't helps much!)

For example I made a screenshot and send it with this post.





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Poweramp doesn't specifically set colors to that text - colors are set from global Android "theme", in this case it's a bit "broken" on your device. Unfortunately, this issue can't be reproduced on our 120+ devices, but I think we can try to add dark colors for Inversed noticiation option.


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Many thanks for your answer.


Is it possible that you can intigrate an option to change the colour by custom? Or can you add a grey/black notification background for your app?


If you need more information from me please let me know.

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