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Poweramp draws too much Energy!

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  • Poweramp version and build number: Poweramp 2.0.9-build-554-uni (Fullversion)
  • Your device model: Sony Xperia Ultra Z
  • Your Android version: 4.4.2


Poweramp draws too much Energy from the Battery! I used to have a HTC One S and everything was good, but since i have my Sony and Poweramp is running, the Battery is finished in about 2 Hours!


Is this happening by somebody else? Or does somebody know how to stop it? Because the normal Sony Walkman uses less Energy.

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Sorry, we can't reproduce this issue on our devices, including Sony Z / Z2. Poweramp is extremely optimized, and there is no way (or no code / logic in it) that will consume so much CPU. The most battery intensive feature is initial memory scan for songs, but even 64gb is finished in few minutes.


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congrats on a great product which I've been using for over a year now



I have an xperia Z1 and have recently updated to KK


I was having all sorts of issues with overheating battery drain etc, mediaserver was the process causing the issues along with Download service, so the phone was trying to constantly download stuff but seemed to have an issue (possibly album art) it maybe wasn't able to update the id3 tag data on the ext sdcard because of KK restrictions (my theory) 



The phone eventually settled down after struggling for weeks


So I thought I would share my recent finding





First I've disabled the default music player as I don't use it


I don't have any other utilities installed like "Album Art Grabber"


My music is stored on the external 64gb SDcard and have experienced no issues from previous versions of Android or PA


So after having a stable device for almost 2 weeks - running cold and stable - 100% perfect I copied an new album to the Ext SD Card and wham it started to over heat and drain the battery - mediaserver  - download services becoming active again


I then moved the album to the internal sdcard and left it there for a day and the problem resolved itself, copied back to external sd and no issue


So this might seem like a stupid question but it is a conclusion I have made that needs addressing




Does Poweramp try to update the MP3 files for any reason ? as this would cause problems on ext sd with KK write restrictions - does it modify id3 tag data for say album art - if so then you need to consider the KK restriction for people like me that have their music on ext sd media



It does seem rather unusual that these issues only started after KK and seem to be directly related to ext SD and media files

and was recently triggered by me adding a new album - as far as I am aware I have no other apps installed that access my music files - only PA


I'd be interested in your view on this and if nothing more I'm just attempting to draw your attention to a possible issue


Best regards Geoff 

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