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Music management and playlists...

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Been switching from iOS to Android...

Was looking for a replacement for the stock music player on my Galaxy Note 3...

Imported all my songs (± 5000) and playlists (± 50) to my SD card using Samsung Smart Switch...

Worked perfectly, and the stock music player got all my songs AND ALL MY PLAYLISTS !

Was not satisfied with the app though, so I searched and found Poweramp...


EXACTLY was I was looking for (Bass-Freak here).

However, I am running on a permanent nightmare regarding the ways it handles (NOT) playlists...

1. First off, all my playlists were there, but EMPTY;

2. Second, I was NOT to recreate all of them one by one using my phone, NO WAY;

3. So I found this handy app called "Double Twist" and using it, I was FINALLY able to have them (my playlists) recognized by Poweramp, by selecting to import only the playlists and not the music itself, it did however copy all my songs respecting iTune's directories, so I just had to delete all the songs previously imported to my SD card (Woo-Hoo!);

4. HOWEVER, just realized that 5 days after, Poweramp decided to "scrap" a lot of my songs, as I'm now down to ± 4100 songs out of ± 5000;

5. I would gladly pay you $10 (instead of $4) if you can make your app capable of handling songs, playlists and so in a way where I do not have to monitor and correct its booboos everyday;

6. Don't get me wrong, Poweramp is really great for PLAYING music, but it really lacks support for the MANAGEMENT of the music, and even if it's wonderful for PLAYING, I am NOT going to buy it if I have to work like crazy to correct the mistakes it makes on the management side;

7. I've read here and there over the net that the music management, especially playlists, is the very thing that Poweramp does really BAD; I do think it'd be worth to work on this to make it PERFECT!

8. Don't you think you could improve this area so your app would become THE PERFECT MUSIC PLAYER for mobile devices ?


Thank you for your work and support!



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I am about to get seriously exasperated with this app...

Why the hell does Poweramp ask me if I really want to delete a song from my SD card when I'm doing it inside a PLAYLIST ?


Logically, if I press "delete" from within a playlist, it's because I do not want that song in the said PLAYLIST, not delete it for good...

If I'd be in the "all songs" folder, it would make sense to delete the song permanently from my Disk / SD Card / Internal memory if I'd press "delete", but not from within a freakin' PLAYLIST !

What did the programmer(s) had in mind when setting this up this way?

Why can't I EASILY delete multiple songs from within (inside) a playlist?"

Why can't I EASILY add a whole freakin' album (one shot, not having to select all songs one by one) to a playlist?

Why does the pitch change randomly while playing a song (never happened with the stock Android app, neither on my iPhone nor my iPad, same songs, same files...

Inside a playlist, if I press on a song, it will play it; now, if I press the back button, why the heck is it kind of "closing" Poweramp instead of bringing me back where I was, inside the playlist?


I decided to pay for this app, and I am now seriously beginning to regret my choice...

If I understand correctly, if I ever get a response here, it'll be from other users, not from the programmer(s) or the company who cashed my money; so nice to grab the cash and let people manage the poor way this app handles playlists...

Think I'll revert back to Apple; at least, they do fucking support their users...

As you can see, I'm pretty pissed right now and the way it works, I am NOT to recommend this app to anyone.

–From a pretty pissed user

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If you use the Delete option from within a Playlist (or from the Player UI while playing a playlist) then that item will be removed from the playlist, NOT deleted from the SD Card. If you are playing a song directly (e.g. in Folder, Album, etc. modes) then it will be deleted from the SD Card (after prompting). You can turn the file delete function off completely if you wish via Settings > Look and Feel > General.

You can easily add whole albums (or artists, folders, genres, etc) to a Playlist - just longpress on the album title and select 'Add to Playlist' from the pop up menu, and either add it to an existing list or create a new one.

No, you can't currently multi-delete items from in-memory Playlists at the moment. If you'd like to leave a more specific, and less abusive, message asking for that feature then I'm sure if would be given more consideration.

From the Player UI (the top level screen of the app) you are correct that the Back button exits from the app - much like most other Android apps do, in fact.

If your pitch is changing mid-track, that sounds like a bug - could you report the full details of exactly what happens in the bugs forum please.

I too have a number of music management requests which I'd love to get fulfilled, and perhaps in time they will be if I don't harangue and insult the people who would be doing the work for me. However if you'd feel happier going back to an iPhone, please go ahead. Have a good time ranting in their forums instead.


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Hello Andre,

First off, thanks for your reply.

I totally understand that my choice of words is not the best, and that I might just not get answers this way.

It's just that I'm mad as hell right now, considering I had to pay for the app (which is just fine, but in that case, I'm expecting SERIOUS support, actually, I was expecting no flaw in the app)...

Let's just take another example...

I had to reinstall the app and guess what?

You got it, Poweramp was not even able to retain my playlists, (it actually lost every single setting I might have set), so I have to go over that again and again, and this just makes me wanna puke...

Maybe coming from the Apple world, I am expecting too much from the Android flavor, I don't know, but it's a painful mess from my humble point of view.

Now, I just lost all my playlists, all my settings and guess what? That's 100% right, I got so much other things to do than doing the same thing over and over again; my music (24GB) is ALL on my SD card, so why doesn't Poweramp save the playlists there as well, so it could get everything back nice and easy, instead of forcing me to build them over and over, that's simply the worse nightmare I've come across in my entire life I guess...

Honestly, it might just be the Android side of the phone's OS that makes me puke, cannot even talk to Google (Android is made by Google right?), so I called Samsung, asked if I would still be able to record voice calls (it's legal where I live) if I would upgrade my brand new Galaxy Note 3 from JellyBean to KitKat, they ENSURED, ASSURED and REASSURED me I would still be able to do so, so I did upgrade and it's not working anymore, and they would not help me neither to go back to JellyBean, nor to exchange my phone, this, considering I did my homework, I called them B4 upgrading, trusted their advice, which happened to be plain BS...

So I managed to have my phone replaced by my service provider (carrier), and that's why I had to reinstall Poweramp, but again, lost everything, so this explains that, I'm fed-up with the way people (companies I should say) handle my legitimate (legitimate = I PAY so they have to support) requests...

I paid a lot of bucks for this brand new phone, still, I don't get the support I should be getting.

As I mentioned in my first post, I would have been more than happy to pay 10$ (instead of 4$) for Poweramp, providing it would work and play nice and easy with me. I would even go to 20$ ~ 25$ would it be perfect, but we're far, far away from there, despite all the good parts it shows.

So all in all, sorry for my bad mood, but I'm that pissed that I've had it.

Thank you again!

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Sorry for your problems, but I think you are being unrealistic in expecting to clean install an app on a completely new device and magically see the exact same settings/etc that were on your old phone.

There are various export options in Poweramp to save all of your internal playlists, and also now all of your general music settings, to your local SD card so you can later import them into another device - but you obviously need to have done that BEFORE you get rid of the old device. Like any other form of backup, it's only useful if you actually do it before the problem occurs rather than afterwards.


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