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Simple Guide: How to Backup and Import settings in Poweramp


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Thrilled to see this function!!! Have tried to use this to export settings from Droid Bionic and import onto new Samsung S5 Verizon that I cannot root. Are ratings supposed to transfer with import and export?

Ratings are not brought forward as I was so hoping for. Wondering if perhaps the SD card folder name needs to be the same for the path info to work properly and the ratings to associate to their respective songs and if so could the I cannot rename folder names like extSdCard (the name of the external sdcard on the new Samsung S5) to sdcard1 (the external sdcard on my Moto Droid Bionic).

A facility in the import settings function that would allow the user to input the name of the sdcard would easily then allow the import settings function to get around the fact that different phones name their sdcard slightly differently. It might require that the export function save all song settings with a macro variable for the sdcard location and that the new location variable could be substituted in the import process.

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