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Selectable font size for titles, artists and albums


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A terrific product as is but I do have one request. In a car when the phone is in a holder it is almost impossible to see text for the song title, album name and the artist name on the main play screen. In fact these are so small that they are pretty much useless at least when I'm the driver (I'm 56 and the eyes are not what they used to be - think of all of the baby boomers! :geek: ). So the request is for an option where the size of that text is selectable at the expense of the album art size - art definitively needs to stay there but can shrink accordingly. One idea that could work is to be able to do that by swiping over the text info on that screen up/down or left/right while keeping the tap for switching to the list. Swiping motion is very convenient in the car. I'm talking specifically about the main Play Screen but the Folders/Library Lists, the widgets and the Locked Screen could use a larger font option as well for the same reason.

Thanks for the consideration :mrgreen:

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I agree almost exactly with the poster's ideas. I too am in my 50's and drive for a living. Grabbing my reading glasses sometimes is a real pain. Maybe making different themes with different size text (if that is possible).

I personally would be willing to pay a few more dollars for each feature that I request that is implemented.

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I still consider Poweramp to be a great player (love the folder capability) but ... I just drove for 10 hours and this remained me of the font size request. Once again, the existing UI setup is designed for interaction while holding the device relatively close to the eyes but is extremely difficult to (and dangerous!!!) navigate when the device is in a car dashboard holder and one is driving - can't see the text, can't see the buttons (like Shuffle). To make it even worse I have a roadster with hard suspension so car shakes just compound issues with the screen interaction (all kinds of shakin' going on) - basically have difficulty hitting the right controls (like folder/song selection).

BTW - I use an Android app called Car Mode when driving (http://googlemobile.blogspot.com/2010/1 ... sonal.html) to address the issues with screen interaction. It automatically adjusts profile (ex: BT on, GPS on, WiFi off, etc) plus changes the GUI into a simple grid of very large icons so that it is easy to see and navigate Android panels. For mounts that signal the car mode Car Mode app acts automatically when putting the device in/out of the holder so I don't even need to press anything to change the mode. Maybe that is something that Poweramp could integrate with?

Thanks for listening and would be happy to sign up for beta testing.

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Finding it hard to see the text (track name adn track numer) when driving in the car. Really got to take the eyes off the road to be able to make out what's written.

Would love to be able to have a mode to increase the text by at least double or triple from what it is now. Album art is nice, but not at the expense of the track info. :)

I see this thread is pretty old. Has this been implmented.

-Viper 21

PS. Poweramp is awesome!

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@Haddy: Thanks for the response. But not sure what this means though. Maxmo said "I will personally create couple of car skins

". :)

Are skins already available with large fonts? Where can they be found?



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