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Display custom Poweramp lockscreen widget by default when screen turned on

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I'm running Android 4.4.2 with Poweramp 2.0.9-build-555.


If I turn on "Enable Android Lock Screen" in Poweramp's Lock Screen settings, and then I turn off the screen while a track is playing, and then I turn the screen back on (so the lockscreen appears), Poweramp will display its own little widget on the lockscreen automatically - it looks like this:




In fact Poweramp will show this widget straight away, without me needing to swipe left or right from the main clock widget on the lock screen.


However, if I turn off "Enable Android Lock Screen" in Poweramp's Lock Screen settings, and instead I add my own customised Poweramp widget to the lockscreen (ie. as a 2nd widget alongside the default clock lockscreen widget) - then Poweramp will no longer go directly to my Poweramp widget on the lockscreen, when I turn the screen back on. Instead, it just shows the default clock widget, and I have to swipe to the left to get to my Poweramp widget - which looks like this:




So I'd like to request, if it's technically possible, the ability for Poweramp to display my own Poweramp widget on the lockscreen straight away when the screen is turned on, without me needing to swipe across from the clock widget. Just like Poweramp already does if I've enabled the "Enable Android Lock Screen" setting.


I hope this makes sense!

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