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Output sample rate of Poweramp

Joe Bloggs

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Long time audiophile (e.g. http://www.head-fi.org/u/715/joe-bloggs), first time poster here.


As far as I know, output sample rate of Android is fixed at a certain rate, this rate being either 44.1kHz (e.g. for MTK devices) or 48kHz (e.g. Samsung S4 i9505).  My question is, what is the sampling / resampling behaviour of Poweramp?  Does it


-always output at 44.1kHz (resampling files of other sample rates to 44.1kHz)

-output at 44.1kHz or 48kHz depending on the file (letting the system handle 44.1/48kHz resampling)

-output at 44.1kHz or 48kHz depending on the system sample rate (resampling 44.1kHz files to 48kHz in the case of a 48kHz system and vice versa in the case of a 44.1kHz system)

-or something different entirely???


Reason I ask is that I have had 44.1kHz files behave atrociously on a 48kHz Samsung S4, but no corresponding misbehaviour for the 48kHz file on a 44.1kHz Sony Xperia C.  Are 44.1kHz systems just inherently superior when it comes to usage with Poweramp or does it just depend on the particular phone and the system SRC algorithms employed (independently of Poweramp)?


Thanks in advance!

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