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Album Picture Zooming capability

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Dear Sir/Madam,


I am a teacher of English for secondary School.


I am using android apps that help me in using Smart Board in teaching English Language... one of the activities in teaching English is Listening. I play the audio exercise using Poweramp app, which is to be honest really helpful. But I need to follow with the audio material in the book page ( the original exercise in the book. This is a shot from my tablet screen:








As you can see, the image of the page is small and it is not readable esp. in a " 10.1 tablet.


The request is: is it possible that we zoom the album picture so that it can be read more clearly. If this can cause annoyance to some users, can this put into a separate skin may be "teachers' skin" 


Thank you very kindly,


Hope to hear from you



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Thanks for your prompt response... I did try this but unfortunately this needs more work... screenshots:

After zooming, the image appearance in:





As you can see, image quality is poor..

Plus the zoom function here is "frozen" in the sense that it just bring the document near...

What teachers expects is interactive zoom... in other words, the image does not loose its quality...

thanks for support...

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Make sure you have high resolution mode enabled, and 24-bit images might help, but at the end of the day what you are asking for is not really a music player but a powerpoint style graphic viewer that can play audio in the background.


By the way, as an English teacher, did you not spot the deliberate mistake in your example filename? :)



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