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Sync playlists, music files, song and position between devices


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I use Poweramp on my phone to play my music through my BT enabled stereo.


When I walk into work, I typically use my tablet to play music into my headphones.


What would be nice is if there was a way to sync music, playists, and song postion among devices owned by the same google play user.


For instance, I'm listening to a particular song in a particular playlist, click pause, get out of the car, go into work, open up my tablet, run Poweramp, and hit some icon to sync, Poweramp starts playing the song where I left off in the car.


Obviously this would require the music to be present on both devices, and the playlists to match, etc, relative to the position of your music folders.  It'd be nice of power amp could facilitate the transfer of the songs itself, but obviously there may be all sorts of legal issues with doing this.  But transferring playlists and massaging the list so that it points to the proper $MUSICFOLDER would be reallly nice.  Also, somehow transmitting the current playlist index, and time position in the song would be nice too.  :-)




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