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I purchased Poweramp a long time ago on the Play store, I like its features but its repeating verification method is very annoying to say the least!


I am on 

- Android Feiteng H7100 dual sim phone, 

- stock Android 4.2.1, 

- latest Poweramp from the Play store: 2.0.9-build-554


After downloading the unlocker, I use the app for a while then suddenly I get this message:

"Can't verify Poweramp Licence, etc."


I bought the stuff, installed Unlocker so why does it bother me with these messages?

I often use All-in-One-Tool to delete cache, leftovers, etc. Hope it does not interfere with your app or delete verification, etc.


This is so annoying to get this verification message when I am NOT online and would like to listen to music (it happened many times).


Also, I am online many times both via wi-fi and 3G, so why doesn't this verification happens completely automatically (without manual intervention) in the background anytime when the user is online? 




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I don't know for sure, but if you are deleting your Android data cache then I guess that could be causing this?


In normal use, there should be one validation during the first 24-48 hours after you purchase the app on Google Play, then it should work without any further checks unless you install new ROMs, reset system, re-install app, etc.



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