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Playlist is not playing as loaded

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I have an HTC One Max.with Poweramp 2.0.9-build-554-play(Full Version) loaded. I created a playlist (90 songs) on my computer which I then loaded onto the phone. At first the list played in the order in which I loaded it. But somehow the list has become scrambled and now will not play in the order in which I loaded it. I have tried reloading the list in a different area on the phone and switching the player to only look in that folder but the list is still playing in the scrambled order. I have shuffle turned off in the player and repeat the list turned on. How can I get my list to play in the order that I created?

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As well as the Shuffle option on the Player screen, there is also a List Order sort (go to the Folders/Library view and press Menu) but I didn't think that effected Playlists. Does the order show correctly when you view the playlist contents in the Library>Playlists screen? You can re-order the tracks via that screen too, by dragging the little slider icon up and down (which will save the modifications back into the .M3U file, so you may want to keep a backup of your original version).



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