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As my Logitech Touch is coming to the end of its life, I am looking for a future alternative.

At the moment the Logitech connects via Ethernet to my music collection on my PC.

I was thinking of loading Poweramp onto a large screen iPad device using WiFi to replace theĀ ethernet connection.

Can you tell me if Poweramp will work with this configuration.

Also, would it be possible to WiFi control the app on the large screen via my smartphone as the Logitech app does?

Does anyone know of a device that has an Ethernet port - much better that WiFi, with no drop outs.

Any alternative suggestions would be appreciated.

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Just and only a FYI, I use a bluetooth remote with PA. Works with no config nessecery. Its a bit limited but has the major featurs. Actully its controlling the OS and common media buttons.

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