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Playlists - advanced mode


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Greate work, thanks!

Can I suggest a couple of very usefull features to add:

1. Ability to see, what playlist is the "now-playing" track ALREADY in, even in Shuffle-All tracks mode - right on the main player screen is even better.

2. Ability to exclude/delete track from playlist in every mode

3. Multiple playlist selection while adding to a playlist (e.g. "Favorite" + "Hard-n-Heavy"), the same for excluding from the playlist.

4. Multiple songs selection/deselection in playlist edit mode.

5. Auto-saving the playlists on the SD Card in own directory (copy of the system playlists) - in order not to lose the info after re-installing the ROM. Also interesting would be possibility to restore the saved playlists into a system data, making them available for other players.

6. Ability to RATE tracks while playing and ability to SORT and to create Playlists on this basis (e.g. "My 3 Stars" etc.)

7. If it's possible to make sorting on Rating inside Playlist - would be PERFECT - so user won't need to make playlist like "My favorite", "My very favorite", "My most favorite" and so on.. :)



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1. can be done when playlists are played, though not for shuffle all, as shuffle all means "All Songs" are shuffled.

2. not sure what you mean by exclude, you can delete tracks from playlists now

3. you can add from one playlist to another to get a combined playlist

4. thanks for the request.

5. see #4

6. ratings are planned/thanks for the request

7. see #4


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1. I meant that before I go to add a song to aome playlist I already see, wheather it's already in some pleylist or not. Situation: I have many songs added to collection, not sorted to playlists, play them in "shuffle all" mode and add to playlists (better to multiple playlists at one time)

2. If I added already song to a 2 or more playlists, while in playlist assigning mode, I could change playlists however I want - not only one operation - to add or to exclude to/from playlist, but also to change a whole playlists set for a song.

3. of course, but that meant I should start song twice from different playlists. In case of multiple selection mode it can be done in one operation

4.-7. :) thank YOU!


BTW, after today's update tried "Delete duplicates in playlist" - doesn't work. :( In one playlist, instead of one duplicate ALL the tracks were removed from playlist, in other - innsead of 5 duplicates were 32 songs removed. Weird.

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