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Yes, it'd be a nice idea. But you'd have to wait for the dev to reply to tell you whether it's something he might have time to do amongst all the other updates he's working on. It might be something for a third-party add-on though to be honest.


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I have a Galaxy S5, and the Gear 2 Neo which has a "media controller" app and that is not working properly with Poweramp (2.0.9-build-554-play Full Version).

It works great with the s5 stock music app, it shows on the gear the album art, the artist and name of song, and buttons are responsive.

With Google's "Play Music" app it works similarly but just no album art.


With Poweramp it doesn't even update the name of the song, and buttons work but they are not so responsive.


I asked around in other forums and some people say it works for them (http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-gear-2-gear-2-neo/384346-media-controller.html) so I'm confused.

Is there any setting I'm missing ?



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Got my Galaxy Gear, same issue. Stock music, Milk, Spotify, and Google Play all have proper title/artist display in Media Controller, Poweramp does not. I'd love to see it fixed so that Poweramp can remain my player, but at this point I'be had to switch to stock for the title/artist info.

EDIT: Partial solution: Under Settings > Headset/Bluetooth enable "Metachanged Intent" and "Send Album/Artist with Metadata". This will show the artist and title briefly on track change and opening the Media Controller. You can also tap any "empty space" in the remote to show the info. It still doesn't scroll like other apps do, though.

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