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Purchase app on a Market-Disabled Device ?

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Just tried some music player apps, and find out that the Poweramp music player is the best pick.

I want to purchase the App in its full version through the website, however, my brand-new device ( a Cowon D3 ) doesn't provide Android market access and therefore , it does not have any Google Sign-in :(

Would I be able to run the full version without licensing issues ? I have a Google account, but I cannot provide credentials in order to identifying the device...

I have had several Android powered devices, but this is my first one without Android Market access...

Thanks in Advance four your help,

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If you don't have ability to add google accounts in Android Accounts & Sync settings tab, it's not possible to use Full Version Unlocker currently, as both market and site purchases are bound to phone google account. I'll be looking into this issue, may be something will be implemented for such devices.


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