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Constant clicking sound with WMA Lossless

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Hello all,

I have submitted a big report form already. I have already done a search for this problem and found one other post with no answers.

WMA Lossless files have a constant clicking sound on playback with Poweramp. I have the current version as of 4/13/14. I've eliminated my computer (to rip the cd), my SD card, my phone, and my headphones as the source of the problem.

This only happens with WMA Lossless files. Constant clicking noise throughout the whole song.

Running a stock rom Galaxy SIII Sgh-i747

Any idea of what the problem is or if this issue will be addressed?

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I am having the exact same problem.


Phone is HTC ONE (M8)  - Player Software version is v2.0.9 - Build 554


Skipping does NOT occur when using built in music player... ONLY happens with Poweramp Media Player...(Licensed Version)




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Here the same problem, I hear the clicks only when I play flac files to 88.2 and 176,4 Khz in 24 bits ... turning off the equalizer and tone control, clicks disappear ...

With other music players do not have this problem.

My cell phone is a Galaxy S4 with android 4.4.2

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