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lag when reading from sd card

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recently Poweramp started to lag alot during every process when playing music

list of issues are:

-power button wont turn off screen

-slow/freezes when skipping or selecting tracks

-volume lags going up and down

-pause/play doesnt seem to work half the time


i assume it has something to do with Poweramp reading the SD card since all other music players work fine and put songs onto my internal memory for Poweramp to play and that worked fine too

it will play probly about 8 tracks fine every now and again then resume lagging which i assume is because it loads some tracks until it has to read the next set


can someone help i really dont want to use any other music player cause they suck

or if no fix give me a link to downgrade to a previous version 



Poweramp 2.0.9-build-554

phone: GT-I9300

Cyanogenmod 4.4.2 Snapshot M5



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