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Saving start rating to files.

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I've been a paid user of Poweramp for a few years now, and love it. My main library is on my pc using Mediamonkey, but I don't like their Android App. It does however sync all my ratings over. Please can you display them and allow them to be changed in Poweramp. I see people have been requesting this feature for a long time. Thanks!

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I add some point: when Poweramp will have this important feature, then we need an option where you can configure, if a change of a star rating should change the file attribut "last change" or not. When activated and a rating is done, then Poweramp should change this file attribut.


Why? Because sycnhronize tools will often look at this file attribut. With this feature I have to rate a file only once, snchronize and then I will have my rating at other cell phones, computers, tablets too.


No 2: please include then more than one rating format, for example WMP (Windows Media Player, WinAmp (used by VirtualDJ too), and so on).


Thank you




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