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Would like to have it integrate with Ford Sync(the very basic Sync version, not My Ford Touch, or the Sync in the Lincolns. It would be nicce to see at minimum the artist, and song title, even nicer if I could have the album name as well. I have almost 10K tracks on my SGS3, and while I recognize a lot of it, there's alot that I don't know the artist, let alone the song title or album. Right now I can at least use the bluetoth media stream as my source to listen to the songs, control volume, and even skip tracks. Full on Sync functionality would be cool, but song title and artist on the screen in place of (bluetooth media stream) would be good enough.


Second request, is that the list be set up similar(not exactly) to the stock player where that the alphabet is running vertically down the side so I can scroll donw to say "N" quickly without having to swipe my screen for 30 seconds to get there(again, I have like 10K tracks on my phone...)


Thanks, great app, replay gain works very well with all my files regardless of type.

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