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How about some SMB support?

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I have requested this before and several others were also interested in it as well and they have too requested it. I just don't understand why you guys can't get a Samba feature integrated into the program OR at least allow a secondary application such as ES File Explorer do it for you. This app has been out for several years and still doesn't have some sort of streaming support added. That is sad. Even my stock Samsung player can do Samba on my Galaxy S3. I would expect an app that I paid money for to be leaps and bounds better than a stock android app.


And this is just ridiculous imo for an update:


What's New

- added Lithuanian, updated other translations. Huge thanks to all Crowdin translators!
- updated album art search
- genres are now split also by "/" in addition to ";" (Full Rescan needed)
- fixed non-rectangular cover images
- fixed custom lock screen crash @ 4.4.2



You guys are really falling behind the times here sitting on your butts. People don't keep all of their music on their phone. I have 700GB of music on my HDD, there is no way I can put that on my phone. 


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