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Clearing a rating for specific songs

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Hi, I LOVE Poweramp.  I searched for a while before I found a player that had amazing features, all included in one, such as playlists, queues, album art downloads, and a rating system.  Great job on development!


My question is in regards to rating.  I've rated a few songs with 1 star, because I don't like them, and want to keep them out of my playlists (as a way to identify which songs I don't like).  So anyway, then I realized that the only way to play top-rated songs is to enqueue them or add them to a playlist from the top-rated list.  It is most convenient to use "select all" from this list, so I can either enqueue or add them to a playlist.


Ok, so now that I have given some brief background, here is my question:  I would like to remove the rating on the songs that I rated with 1 star, so that they don't show up in the top-rated list at all, and I don't have to keep removing them each time.  Is there a way to clear the rating that I have given to a specific song?  I do not want to clear all ratings, just those select few.


I did look around this forum, the help page, and the FAQ page, but I did not find anything related to this subject.  Please forgive me if I missed something.


Thanks very much for your time and this very helpful forum!



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Just tap on the stars selector area at the bottom of the album art, and slide your finger all they way across to the left until all of the stars are turned off.


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