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So im pissed, i finaly bought Poweramp, after a few months of testing some music apps, when i finaly do it im unable to use it. Getting help is a shot in the dark cause theres no assurance the message got there or someone is taking care of it, i only got a "Thanks for the message, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

". There is no mail on the website that i can use to type my problem on a real keyboard, really guys??? You're making costumers use their phones or tablets or whatever to send complaints to you? 21st century anyone?
Anyway i bought it but i can't use it so "someone will contact you asap" it seems to sufice??? Aren't you end users as well for everything else? Why do people keep forgetting that, you buy things as well as anyone does.
I used a cracked version and it gave me less trouble than this one is giving me, i decided to do the right thing and support developers and the only thing i got was a kick in the ass and got into troubles i hate having.

I Would want this problem addressed "as soon as possible!" cause i think i haven't done nothing wrong, want more details? Check this mail i tried to send.

Well i want to explain more carefully my situation, i have a i9100 and upgraded to a i9505, i have Poweramp installed on both phones, but soon that i9100 will no longer be mine, what i dont understand is why i keep loosing my licence on my new phone, what is more confusing is when i do the activation procedure it says its okay then after a few hours or usage it looses the activation again! So i want to understand how your activation works, if its directly connected with my mail account whats the problem? Im only using one phone, and if its directly related to my mail account or my gmail even if i have two phones i can only listen to music on one so it makes no sense.

So thats what it says on the site thats why i activated on both phones cause i was setting up my new phone before disposing my old one.

Poweramp purchase (Unlocker) is per:
- Google account for purchases on Play
- Google or Email account for purchases on website
- Yandex account for purchases on Yandex.Store 

Im using my phone and i get this error, so im not using the unlocker cause the email sent specifies precisely that, version 550 above doesn't need the activator

This error is reported when:

- Restore Website Purchase used or website Unlocker version is installed
- activations limit per account is hit

So i can only suspect that activation limit per account was hit, so there is an activation limit, why? I have the code, i have the mail so whats the problem, need me to confirm its my personal mail?

Why so much time to give me an answer? At this moment i have a brand new phone that i can't use to listen to music on a software i really like! I can tell you i used Poweramp for a while before buying (cracked version) and since i liked it a lot i bought it cause its worth every penny, now im starting to think i should have kept it cracked cause now im legit and its giving me more trouble making it work then opening lucky patcher and crack it! As many times as i want and need!

Best Regards!

Now i know someone will read this.


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