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George Rillie

Disable Poweramp phone lock?

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Great program. Used for 18 months on phone and tablet. But when installing Full Version Unlocker on phone I stupidly set its phone lock feature. Now wish to install a major security app across all my devices. It contains its own phone lock. Am concerned about conflicts. Can Winamp Full Version phone lock be disabled? Or if I just delete Unlocker, will Poweramp revert to being a Trial Version?

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You can turn Poweramp's lockcreen features off from the Poweramp Settings menu if you want to change to another lockscreen app which you feel might clash.

However you must not remove the Poweramp Unlocker from your apps list, as that is the bit that gives you the full features rather than trial version (it has nothing to do with the Android lockscreen, it just unlocks the app).


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Greetings and thanks from north of the border Andre.

Stupidly hadn't checked the settings since first installing and setting up the app.

P.S.Love your big black ears and red trousers. Just a pity that weird looking bloke sneaked into the pic next to you. Pass my regards to Minnie and Donald next time you see them.

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