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Exiting the search screen


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I've been wondering for a while how to return to the previous screen when you're done using the search screen.  It seems that pressing the back button causes the app to exit to Launcher.


Here's an example of what I see:

  1. Open Poweramp from Launcher, Library page shows
  2. Navigate to a playlist (ex. Playlists->"My List")
  3. Press the Menu physical button
  4. Select "Search" from the menu
  5. Type in a search string but decide I don't want to select a result
  6. Press the Back physical button once to remove the keyboard
  7. Press the Back physical button a second time (expecting to return to the playlist page "My List")
  8. Poweramp exits to Launcher

I would expect to see the playlist page after step 7 but instead Poweramp exits to Launcher.  How do I return to the previous page when I'm done using the Search page?


An example use case for this: I'm viewing a very large playlist which is sorted by artist.  I think of a song in the playlist that I like but I can't remember the artist's name, so I don't know where to find it in the list.  I search for that song so I can find the artist name but I don't play the song from the search page.  Instead, I want to select it from the playlist so the rest of the list will play in shuffle after the song's over.  So I exit the search page, scroll to the song in the playlist (now that I know where to find it) and select it there.

As far as I can see, this use case doesn't work right now.  When I exit the search page, I'm not returned to the playlist.  Instead, I'm sent to the Launcher.  Then I have to go back through the menus to return to the playlist page and select my song.  It's a small frustration, but it's something I try to do fairly often.


Poweramp version: 2.0.9-build-552-play (Full Version)

Device: Galaxy S4

Android version: 4.3

Stock Verizon ROM


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