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Some suggesions for easy improvements


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Hey Poweramp Team,

I have a list of small and easy improvements that would make Poweramp even better (imo):


1. Show the name of currently playing playlist in the lockscreen. If you have the same songs in several playlists, and you are switching between playlists, you sometimes don't know which playlist is currently playing. Especially when you have shuffle on. It would be nice to see at a glance which playlist you just switched to.


2. Add the opportunity to sort your playlists manually, just like the songs in a playlist. If you want to have your 3 favorite playlists on the top to quickly change between them, right now you have to name them so they go to the top, for example with a _ in the beginning. Could be better ;)


3. Add the option to keep the notification in the status bar even when Poweramp isn't playing. Then you can easily turn the music on without opening Poweramp, and don't need a homescreen widget. This works for PlayerPro, and I really liked it.


4. Add the opportunity to set which songs will be displayed in the "recently added" list. For example, last 1 hour, last 6 hours, last 24h, last week, last month. I don't use the list right now, because there are always older songs in the list that I don't want to hear at the moment.


I would be really happy if a few of these suggestions would make it into the app, because they would all make my user experience a lot better!


Kind regards,


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