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Bug Mediaserver

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Hi, I have FINALLY found a solution for the bug of mediaserver process with Poweramp. With the fade option enabled, mediaserver process starts when i change song while with crossfade option disabled the process stop.


i hope you resolve this bug in the next version of Poweramp

Thanks for the best player in the market.

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Mediaserver process doesn't start this way. It's already there and this is the process which contains userspace audio driver, audioflinger (those are used by Poweramp), decoders, media scanners, etc.


This is the process which connects to actual audio driver in kernel. It's part of Android and it always runs. If it crashes, it will be restarted by Android immediately. On some ROMs mediaserver crash will cause system shutdown.


There are no bugs with Mediaserver in Poweramp.



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Thank Favoulos!


I was about to find it when I stumbled on this post! 


I understand that Mediaserver is a process that always runs, but it's abnormal for it to use up to 40% of your already consumed battery (more than my screen).


Probably like Favoulos did, I went to the battery menu, then on media server, and saw that the "Keep Alive" value was increasing. Then I realized when I stopped Poweramp, the Keep Alive value stopped running too.


Then I restarted Poweramp, clicked on Play, and the Keep Alive value for Media Server was still not moving.... but at the exact moment where I changed the song, Media Server (Keep Alive) was running again. Then I disabled the fade options (automatic and manual), and there we go.... no more problem with Media Server, no more Keep Alive value increasing.


If you want, I can take a video of what I did once I am home.


Probably not a big deal, but the fade options clearly affect the Media Server in some way, and it's making it drains the battery life ad vitam æternam.


P.S sorry for bad english :P

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