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Lower volume of music when google maps prompts

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It can be quite annoying when using A2DP to play music in the car with google maps navigating. Whenever there is a voice prompt, the music stops then starts back again when the prompt is over. With Pandora however, it lowers the volume of the music and plays the prompt then returns the volume to normal after the prompt is over. The pandora solution is much more appeasing to the ear and is nice when there are multiple prompts in a short period of time. I'd appreciate it if you'd consider adding this feature.

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Yes please, this.  I believe Google Play Music does it as well and would love to have this feature on Poweramp.  Right now it's pretty jarring, and most of the other big players seem to have figured out how to implement it (although I don't know if this is a planned feature for version 3 or not...could be)

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